Opening of the conference

Welcoming Speech by Michel Benichou, CCBE President

You can download Michel Benichou's speech here.



Keynote Address by Jean-Jacques Urvoas, garde des Sceaux, the Minister of Justice for France

You can download Jean-Jacques Urvoas' speech here.



Orsolya Görgényi, Immediate Past President of the International Association of Young Lawyers (AIJA)

The results of the collaborative survey between the CCBE and AIJA - “What do young lawyers think about the future of the legal profession?” are available here.



Session I - The Future of Justice

Nuria Díaz Abad, President of the European Networks of Councils for the Judiciary (ENCJ)

You can download Nuria Díaz Abad's presentation here.



Jérôme Dupré, Co-founder, Case Law Analytics

You can download Jérôme Dupré's presentation here.



Session II - The Future of Legal Services

Patrick Henry, Immediate Past President, AVOCATS.BE

You can download Patrick Henry's presentation here.



Pierre Aïdan, Co-founder and director of legal development,

You can download Pierre Aïdan's presentation here.



Christophe Chevalley, General Manager, Rocket Lawyer Europe

You can download Christophe Chevalley's presentation here.



Christian Lemke, Partner at Heissner & Struck, Vice-Chair of the CCBE Future of the Legal Profession and Legal Services Committee

You can download Christian Lemke's presentation here.



Session III - The Future of Law Firms

Carlos Valls Martínez, Partner, Fornesa Abogados

You can download Carlos Valls Martínez's presentation here.



Jaap Bosman, Co-founder and principal partner at TGO Consulting, author of Death of a Law Firm

You can download Jaap Bosman's presentation here.